Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Random Compliment...

We all enjoy a nice compliment every now and again, right? It's ok, even if you're a guy you can say 'yes' cause it would be the truth! :) We all, no matter what we look like or what we do, want to know that we're doing something right, that we look nice. We want to know that others notice us.

Remember back to the last time you received a random compliment... How did it make you feel? Warm and fuzzy? Did it lighten your step? Boost your confidence maybe?

Yesterday was one of those times for me :)

This may seem silly that I'm making a big deal about this but it really made me feel good and gave me more confidence.

I was in Wal-Mart and doing what everyone typically does in a Wal-Mart; shopping - in a frantic frenzy - like I was on a mission, search and destory (more like, search-search-finally-find-grab-throw-in-cart and race-off-to-grab-next-item-on-list)! I was about half way through my list and had just gotten a couple rolls of refrigerator biscuit. As I made my way to the cheese section, I smiled at a mother-daughter pair standing nearby.

The mother was leaning on the shopping cart handle, at eye-level with her daughter who was sitting in the child seat of the cart. The little girl couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 years old. She was cute! :)

As I walked by, I heard the little girl gasp and exclaim, "Mom! That girl is really pretty!"

By the time she had said this, I already had my hands on the montaray jack. I smiled to myself and laughed a little, but on the inside I was giggling uncontrolably. That one comment had completely changed my mood for the day.

Her mother tried to hush the little girl but the daughter just looked at her mother and said, "Wasn't she Mom? Wasn't she pretty?"

Her mother replied in a very soft voice, "Yes, she was."

Then they turned down another isle and were gone.

This simple remark just made my day! In my disarray - as messy and as horrible as a thought I looked - even this little girl saw something pretty about me :) I love how the simplist little things can change your whole day!


Amanda M. "Scoop" Fanger said...

Cute story :)

Oh, and you're welcome for the editing help ;)

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Alexis Fanger said...

Awesome! Thanks! Sadly as you can see I don't get on to much! Lol

Alexis Fanger said...

Thanks! As you can see I really don't get on here much though I will try to more now.

Alexis Fanger said...

Thanks! I was just so excited I ha to write it right away! :)