Thursday, July 30, 2009

Are We Conforming or Transforming?

Have you thought about that lately? I mean really stopped and obbserved yourself? Transformation? Conforming? It just came to mind so I thought I would blog a little on the matter... Okay, so if we're not of this world (which we're not) we must be transformed adn no longer comform to the ways of the world... right??? Right! But if you think about it... we must also be transforming the lives of others as well... and if we can keep that circle going than we are accomplishing something what we are meant to do...
So are we conforming? or transforming? And I'm not just talking about ourselves either... think if what example you are setting for others also... We have to be good examples so that we do not cause others to conform...
I hope this makes sense to at least a couple of you who read this... just let me know if it doesn't... Thanks for your time!

Lord, help me not to conform.

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